Out of the Box

Upcycled carboard furniture design, made out of Samsung TV boxes.


Create a cardboard furniture piece that fits seamlessly into a modern home and it assembled in minutes. The goal was to make a piece that was strong enough to hold heavy items and incorporate the typography of Samsung's TV boxes in a fragmented collage pattern.


1. Model mockups in Rhino.

2. Break down pieces and fit parts into unfolded TV box.

3. Transfer model to Blender, apply cardboard textures, and create lifestyle scenes.

4. Animate assembly sequence, find a tune, and compile video in After Effects.

5. Share entry and obsessively watch what other people submitted.

No items found.


This project began my love affair with Blender. I had been using paid modeling software for years before discovering Blender and I was surprised by the amount of resources available. It was easy to start learning creating with this open-source tool. Since this tool is free, it enables users to share extensions, tutorials, and free assets with other users in the community. I learned that the Blender community is active unlike other forums and it fosters an environment of knowledge sharing that only grows the capacity of the tool.


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