Modular treehouse design in the historic champagne region.


Design a non-intrusive treehouse that allows visitors to stay near historic castles near the Charente river. Our goal was to create a modular design that can both expand and shrink as needed. This historic region in France is full of oak trees, so it was key to create a treehouse experience without altering the trees.


1. Realize 'treehouses' are places that inspire childlike wonder, adventure and curiosity.

2. Channel childhood moments in nature to generate treehouse modules.

2. Iterate hyper often with forms, shapes, and structural ideas.

3. Discover Cubix in the process, dive into materiality, interiors, and scale.

4. Divide and conquer production process for final submission.

5. Render in blender, draft in Rhino, post-process in AI and PSD.


Modeling and rendering natural elements (grass, trees, foliage) is problematic. It dramatically increases file size and calculation times, and isn't as realistic as real nature. I am excited to learn more about using photos and PSD to create scenery post render.

Young Architects Competitions
Young Architects Competitions

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