import { Grid, Stack, Box, Tabs, Tab, SelectChangeEvent, styled, Typography, Link } from '@mui/material';
import { useState, ReactNode } from 'react';
import { useQuery } from 'react-query';
import SearchInput from 'src/components/SearchInput';
import DataGrid from 'src/components/molecules/DataGrid';
import TemplateMedium from 'src/components/template/Templates';
import AdminOrganizationsSelect from 'src/components/organisms/AdminOrganizationsSelect';
import AdminTemplate from 'src/components/template/AdminTemplate';
import { getAllJournalsWithProgressGroupByStatus } from 'src/server/course.server';
import Alert from '@mui/material/Alert';

const AdminImagemForJournals = ({ src }) => {
  const divStyle = {
    width: '40px',
    height: '52px',
    flexShrink: '0',
    borderRadius: '4px',

  const imgStyle = {
    width: '30px',
    height: '42px',
    flexShrink: '0',
    borderRadius: '2px',
    backgroundBlendMode: 'soft-light, overlay',

Designing product at House Rx. Refactoring website for Sprouts Chef Training. Refactoring site and creating bookcovers for Uncut Voices.

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