Rakke  - Out of the Box 


1. Find myself stuck in strict quarantine in Peru.

2. Join cardboard furniture design competition to stay occupied and stimulate the brain. 

3. Model product and become obsessed with how cardboard could be made sturdy and how assembly could work with woodworking joints. 

4. Realize this is a prime opportunity to dive into blender for rendering and animation. 

5. Rigorously consult youtube tutorials for help and discover how useful blender can be in the workflow. 

6. Setup my first real animation for overnight renders. Apply some music, transitions, and sprinkle some spice before submitting. 

7. Wait eagerly for the jury to decide. 


Software: Blender / Rhino 3D / PSD / AI / PREMIERE / 


Animating is much more accessible than I thought even though it requires some serious tinkering.