Mavis McMullen

Website and branding refactor for non-profit housing group.


Mavis McMullen's Housing Society's previous website felt overwhelming with content and visitors were guided to pages that didn't end with a call to action or offer an option to continue exploring more content about the organization's efforts. In order to share a digestible narrative we needed to define the man calls to action and offer both a short and long narrative about the organization.

We asked ourselves: 

How can we consolidate content into fewer pages? 
How might the landing page serve as overall narrative about the organization?
At the end of every page and section what actions are viewers expected to take? 

Web Dev


1. Generate a color palette and typography styles.

2. Create sections with heavy padding and generous negative space.

3. Animate CTA's to create slightly dynamic interactions.

Mavis McMullen Housing Society
Mavis McMullen Housing Society

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