Everest Effect

Art direction and web page design for the crisis relief organization.


Create a modern brand identity and illustration style for Everest Effect. Everest is a platform for users to both donate to people undergoing crisis and for people ask for help when they are experiencing hard times. Our goal was to create a hero section that visually showed the cyclical relation ship between donors, businesses, and those receiving help. The secondary goal was to create a cohesive brand identity and style guide for Everest to use throughout their site.


1. Sketch ideas for hero section in procreate.

2. Transform sketches into vectors in Illustrator.

3. Create color palette in coolors and style guide in Figma.

4. Use Figma to combine all the assets into homepage prototype.

5. Use existing website to recreate other sections of the website.


I found Figma to be a quite a powerful tool for rapidly creating webpages and sharing them for feedback. I find that sharing prototypes early helps me collect feedback and iterate without investing a lot of time in the final product. I plan to incorporate this tool in future web development projects.


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