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Create and iconic logo for a modern shopping app that represents 'security', 'safety', and 'location'. Tribe AI and SafeToGo created a product that helps users to safer stores and times to go shopping, so they could lower their risk of contracting covid. My goal was to create a logo that would work on a variety of devices.


1. 3D model existing icon to add depth to the logo.

2. Use high contrast colors to show the 3D dimension in the image.

3. Create various wordmarks for square and rectangular uses.

We've got work to do

Moyo needed help with usability and information architecture of their product website, landing pages mobile and web applications. They had short “startup” deadlines and had experienced lackluster results from other design companies.

Their customer insights were ready for A/B testing. They were also rapidly growing and wanted to have a well documented visual guidelines for the product team to simplify onboarding and enhance visual consistency.

What I learned

Sharing designs early after the first conversation really helps create momentum for the whole project. I discovered that designing first drafts quickly and fostering quick communication really shaped this relationship to be highly productive for everyone.

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