Peach Cars

Illustration | Graphic Design


Showcase Peach car marketplace to used car buyers in Kenya. Peach tech has created a transparent and easy-to-use car buying experience for Kenyans who aren't car experts or mechanics. Our goal was to visually explain how the product works and why Kenyans should consider shopping for their next used car with Peach.


1. Create audio script describing elements of

2. Break down script into segments that could be illustrated.

3. Create rough illustrations for entire script.

4. Refine script to be informed by visuals and vice versa.

5. Record script audio from Kenyan voice.

6. Create time stamps for visuals to appear alongside audio.

7. Combine audio and illustrations into animated final video for Peach to share.

What I learned

I found jumping into this project to be quite seamless because Peach tech already had a clearly defined visual brand identity and a collection of imagery of me to use. This enabled me to focus on creating script-specific images and not worry about colors, styling, and other common elements that come with creating a set of images.

I feel confident that I can quickly adopt a brand and style that already works well and dive into creating new content.

See the final video.

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