OGI Liver Wellness

Illustration | Graphic Design


Guide OGI patients who might not be tech-savy into adopting the liver wellness program. OGI's liver wellness program is a product that helps patients improve their liver health through weight monitoring and lifestyle changes. Our goal was to create a visual training guide to setup up the scale and show patients eating and exercise habits that could help them reach their liver health goals.

scale unpacking guid


1. Create written script for training guide.

2. Break down script into segments that could be illustrated.

3. Use OGI color palette to create minimalist illustrations to pair with training text.

4. Simplify script to reduce overall reading time.

5. Iterate illustrations to fit new script.

6. Optimize guide for sharing on paper, email, and web.

What I learned

Creating a single character can be really helpful in creating a narrative for a non-fiction training guide like this one. Showing the same person in different settings and clothes helped patients relate to the images and imagine themselves doing the same.

I discovered that illustrations like this could really help readers feel less overwhelmed, especially when many instructions are being thrown at them. It generally helps to break down tasks and information into smaller steps.

Check out Objective GI.

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