Huaran's first kindergarten

March 27, 2020

Design & Build

We found Teresa through Workaway. She soon revealed her calling to build the first kindergarten in Huaran and teach young children in the Waldorf pedagogy. The students would learn with views of the mountains and access to garden beds.

Building with adobe and manual techniques.

I had only observed the final products of the adobe style and knew nothing of what it took to put even the smallest structures together. Over the course of two months I witnessed a group of 2 - 7 people from Huaran assemble this classroom from the stone foundation, hand made adobe brick walls, and clay tile roofs with immense speed.

Day 21
Day 23
Day 29
Day 41
If a child has been able in his play to give up his whole loving being to the world around him, he will be able, in the serious tasks of later life, to devote himself with confidence and power to the service of the world. -Rudolf Steiner

Coming from a corporate environment I was shocked by this project. Initially it felt too resource and tool-constrained. After a few days I found ways to lend my hands to cleaning up post construction, survey doors and windows for the carpenters, and make simple lighting plans to guide the builder

How to encourage open play.

Surrounded by native plants, eucalyptus trees, and mountains, this jardin-infancia is in a rich context for Waldorf style learning. We know the students will spend a lot of time outdoors learning through play and interactive with their natural surroundings. The outdoor play area is created to encourage open ended movement, climbing, running, and moving through obstacles. This area is rich with an invasive species of eucalyptus trees and the play area is designed to be built with eucalyptus logs and some common metal connectors.

Let's build together.

values of a good partnership: