Cocina La Vispera

January 16, 2020

Model & Render

Finca La Vispera was the first stop on a new professional experiment. volunteer part-time through in Latin America and  work part-time as freelance architectural designer. We arrived in Samaipata, Boliva and were mesmerized by the garden in this site. As an aspiring gardenosaur I instantly began harvesting from the 200+ beds of greens around. It soon became a routine before every meal. We would walk thorugh the beds and compose our next meal for the day.

We noticed the kitchen was cramped with 4 cooks actively using the space everyday. So we began imagining a new lab for the cooks with plenty of sunlight, because washing dishes can be a happy activity if you can see some trees out the window.

What we learned.

Even though the Finca La Vispera practices many elements of permaculture and self-sustainable living, it relies heavily on frequent tourism. This model doesn't always lead to decisions that improve the lives of the community that supports the place. Creating an idyllic stay for guests often becomes a higher priority. I believe a place like this can have a significant positive impact and still encourage natural tourism. A symbiotic system that nurtures both neighbors and guests is worth exploring.

Let's build together.

values of a good partnership: