Centro Communal

January 24, 2020

Design & Build

Lost in the edge of Cusco we turned to a group having beers on side of the road. Right away they invited to sit with them, we start to chat. We learned they are a group of teachers and active community members. What united them was across the street. A community center for children to learn and gather after school. The neighborhood is full of students that don't receive enough attention in school and desperately in need of a learning environment that cares.

Our friends on the road have dedicated their time to creating this environment and keeping the place alive. We soon cross the street to visit the center and our friends share their vision of adding more classrooms, creating a place for the community to gather, and making this a true hub to elevate the neighborhood.

We soon began to survey the site and look at neighboring buildings of a similar scale. Our goal was a create a cost-conscious and durable building with spaces for learning, community meetings, and play.

CMU, concrete columns, and prefabricated windows are readily available in the Cusco, area. We noticed with this simple kit of parts we could propose a building that could inhabit all the activities this community deserves. Our drawings were to be used to aid in fundraising and incentivize other members of the community to join the cause.

What we learned.

Most times when I see people casually drinking on the street, I think very little of them. This encounter taught me a lesson to be open to hearing the stories of strangers and question my assumptions.

Let's build together.

values of a good partnership: