Cocina La Vispera


1. Begin new professional experiment - volunteer part-time through in Latin America and  work part-time as freelance architectural designer. 

2. Arrive to first project Samaipata, Boliva. Feel mesmerized by the garden at the Finca La Vispera. Dream of harvesting from the 200+ plants. 

3. Harvest, cook, eat, harvest, cook eat and realize the joy and challenges of the plant based-life. 

4. Discuss with the staff of 4 cooks about the cramped current kitchen. Begin imagining a new lab for the cooks with plenty of sunlight, because washing dishes can be a happy activity if you can see some trees out the window. 

5. Wonder if I will ever stop saying 'Como se dice'. 

6. Continue tinkering with the rest of the prposal (exterior bread oven, seating area, and pergola). 

Co-Creators: La Vispera X aldasmallthings

Software: Rhino 3D/Vray/AI/PSD/ID

brought to you from the dungeon-lab-cave

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