Jardin Infancia x Pedregal


1. Leave tourist jammed Cusco & land in Huaran, Valle Sagrado. 

2. Arrive to witness local construction workers (from Cancha Cancha) building full steam, no equipment, just manual strength. 

3. Discuss the possibility a kindergarten/community workshop space funded by the Pedregal Ecolodge. Ask a multitude of questions about adobe construction. Begin drawing. 

4. First the doors, windows, and electrical components. Watch the walls, roof beams, and tiles erect within days.

5. Begin brainstorming for outdoor play area. Wonder how to build everything  with just super local eucalyptus wood. 

6. Start researching dry toilets and question how I have lived so long without learning about waste management. 

7. Continue doodling and prepping gov't. application for school. 

Co-Creators: Pedregal Ecolodge x aldasmallthings

Software: Rhino 3D/CAD/ProCreate


brought to you from the dungeon-lab-cave

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