JQK - Floral Tea Cafe 


1. Rendezvous with client, contractor, and carpenter. Walk through the renovation plan and design elements. 

2. Start surveying meticulously, using tape and laser. 

3. Start drafting drawing set for DOB application. Realize there are even more measurements to take. Return to site with tape and laser. 

4. Redraft and model space to better understand the space and proposal. 

5. Deconstruct 3D model into parts for shop drawings. 

6. Share drawings with carpenter, receive useful feedback. Revise and re-share.  

7.  Visit space and marvel at drawings come to life at the meticulous effort of the build team. 

Co-Creators: BIND Interiors

ECP Custom Designs

Software: Rhino 3D/CAD/AI/PSD