Cubix - Treehouse Module


1. Feel helpless while quarantined.


2. Call Michael, ask him if he wants to join a design competition.


3. Find TreeHouse Module on the Young Architects Competitions site, begin tinkering. 

4. Reminisce over childhood moments with nature, specifically trees. Remember climbing branches, resting in the shade, feeling the coarse texture of bark, smelling dirt, and being immersed. Imagine how a treehouse could create similar moments. 

5. Imagine an adjustable module that allows users to climb and interact with trees without damaging them.


6.Iterate furiously with Michael over countless zoom calls. 

7. Find the Cubix scheme to be the most adaptable to the site and playful for users who want to immerse in nature.


8. Develop 2 version of the module for Vibrac, close to the Charente river. 

9. Imagine other versions of the module for larger and smaller groups of visitors, realize Cubix could potentially house a small town.


10. Model, apply material, test render, test render again, adjust model, test render some more and continue till it starts to make sense. 

Co-Creators:  Michael Delgado

Software: Rhino 3D/Vray/Blender/Cycles/