Centro Comunal de San Blas


1. Call Uber to AirBnb in San Blas. Feel frustrated as 3 different drivers cancel on us because the street is difficult to find on GPS. 

2. As a group of local folk sitting and drinking beers for directions, find ourselves invited to join them. Discover they are part of a neighborhood collective that run a free after school program across the street. 

3. Realize this could be a great opportunity to contribute to the community and help design a community center/ education space. 

4. Visit the site, take survey of existing classrooms, outdoor spaces, and snaps photos of the neighbors. 

5. Discuss hopes & dreams with the collective. Begin drawing. 

6. Present multiple options to the collective, attempt to convince them of the importance of daily use and dedicating more square footage to the school, instead of communal hall for conferences. 

7.  Keep tinkering with the proposal. 

Co-Creators: Pedregal Ecolodge x aldasmallthings

Software: Rhino 3D/CAD/AI