Cafe Misti


1. Enthusiatically find island retreat in Lago Titicaca. Realize Peru declared national shutdown and quarantine due to Covid-19.

2. Recalculate and relocate to a cozy Airbnb in Arequipa. 

3. Wander around building and discover ground floor space with great potential. Ask our hosts and realize there are hopes and plans for a cafe. 

4. Relocate to the newfound site, and begin surveying. 

5. Challenge myself to a one day design challenge and being modeling and creating a vision for the space. 

6. Wonder if we will get to stroll the streets of Arequipa anytime soon.

Co-Creators:  aldasmallthings

Software: Rhino 3D/SketchFab


brought to you from the dungeon-lab-cave

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